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seed planter remix | V.A.
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[ DISC 1 - white disc ]

track trick trip
1. skyrocket mix by Groovetune(AVSS/Mind Circus Records) 
2. t.t.t.3piece mix by bla9(ザ☆バケッターズ)

self delight
3. downbeat mix by キョン(アオイロ)
4. front pickup mix nomi(peach、ザ☆バケッターズ、The Stereo Baqueters、The Jizz Monks、nard)

game game game
5. CassetteTape Yankees mix by アベタカノリ
6. Hip-E-Hop mix by DieTRAX

walkin on the brain
7. walkin on the scatterbrain mix rsk-1(スパナ)
8. Re:Paint mix by air sketch

[ DISC 2 - silver disc ]

Max Watt Milky Way
1. Nice 'N' Sleazy mix by HONDALADY
2. 寺田町 mix by ルチャリブレ

white sorrow
3. tomobeat Orchestra mix by 阿瀬さとし(Cojok)
4. has been blackened mix by mahin(ザ☆バケッターズ、The Jizz Monks)
5. 西巣鴨 mix by maco,ruco(スパナ)

6. DidjRock mix by ゲンキーズ
7. Hedgehog mix by deco_diz(mizwidth)
8. muramasa mix by muramasa(mizwidth)

my syrup
9. techno pop mix by テクノ妹子
10. KOUENJI mix by COOOK(Kohei Sakae)
11. STM48 mix by CLARABELL

2009.11 (SLRC-009-010)
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